“The entire course was very concise and highly productive. I really enjoyed the hands-on experience and am confident that my patients back home will be able to profit greatly from my newly-gained knowledge. The best part of the training was definitely the fact that there was nobody else except my trainer and me. Learning directly from some of the best and most accomplished doctors in my field has been an invaluable experience.”

T. Helder, Germany

“The SACS is a fantastic platform to learn, exchange, share, perform and gain confidence regarding various medical as well as aesthetic procedures. I really enjoyed Dr. Linde’s course about fillers and botulinumtoxin − thanks to the one-on-one experience, I feel like I learned more in three days than I would normally learn in months or even years. Merci beaucoup for having me, and I look forward to more trainings to come.”

I. Ducet, France

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